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    1. plz upload the novel “Amarzish” by Noreen Naz Akhter,,,, publish hua tha ,,,Nazneen digest me ,,,bht acha topic liya hy novel me ,,,,

    2. aik novel ka name malom krna tha us ky markzi kirdar affifa or subtgin han r affifa ky bhai han basit r sbat un ki man ka name sitara hy jis ki death ho chki hy plz agr ksi ko mloom hy to bta dy is ka name

    3. Asalamoalaikum
      Wasim bhai and team hats off to u!,,. Nowadays when tv watching as cheap entertainment and reading being expensive has badly affected reading habits; u have done a great job. All the best.

    4. assalam o elekum how r u bro
      you have done a grear job for novel lovers keep it up bro
      i m big fan of umera ahmed,farhat ishtiaq and nimra ahmed and you guy uploaded many nover of my fav authors thank a lot dear plz keep upload latest novel of my authors

    5. Waseem Bhai,Please Raffat naheed sajjad,Nadra gilani,Sabiha shah,Anjum ansar aur Sajida habib,in Mae se kisi ka na novel hae na afsana ?? Ye top ki writers haen.Please Inko bhi add Karen na?? Shukrya.

    6. I need a novel whose name is “Sanpon ki malka” by Riaz Javed. It was published by Firozsons. Can anyone upload this novel please. Trust me its a marvelous novel.

    7. Waseem Bhai,
      Please upload some novels of Raffat naheed sajjad,Sajida habib and Anjum Ansar.As you promised.But not did up till now.When doing???

    8. Waseem ji,
      When uploading novels of Ghazala Nigar,Raffat naheed sajjad and Sajida habib,and Anjum Ansar??they are available on internet.
      Please do so and reply me.,,,,,,,THANKYO.

    9. Bhai Waseem,AOA,
      Please reply me atleast of above.
      Also,,,,,,your stop spam no work mostly.Why??
      Cap acha page appears why??And sometimes OK.

    10. Thankyou,you removed stupid cuppacha.
      Thankyou Bhai Waseem for uploading Anjum Ansar and Sajida habib.
      Please upload some more novels of Naheed Sultana Akhtar.And also Raffat naheed sajjad.PLEASE,,,,,,AND REPLY ME.THANKYOU.

    11. Waseem Bhai,ASA,
      All novels of Raffat naheed sajjad and Naheed sultana Akhtar are wonderful and fantastic.I can’t say their names.Add some more of naheed sultana Akhtar and some Raffat naheed sajjad please please.One more request,can you add novels and AFSANA”s of wonderfully but some old writers?? Such as Nadra gilani”s (suraab a wonderfull novel)Sabiha shah,Iqbal Bano Safia malik and a legend writer M.SULTANA FAQAR.these writers novels are itter of urdu novels.
      You are doing a wonderful job for us.Two thumbs up for you.Reply please.

    12. Very Good Site Bro. But Still there is one suggestion. Make a Separate link for silsala war novels like Devta, Aatish Fishan, Bazigaar, Taloot etc So that users can find these novels easily on a single link (yeah Post will be definitely on different Pages). i.e. Not by Novel Name & Writer Name, but instead a category.

    13. it is requested to upload these books.
      1.naqqara by baqir naqvi
      2.munh wal kaabay sharif by mustansar husain tararr.
      complete collection of s.sarfraz a. shah.

    14. assalam o alaikum… …ap se aik request ha k Nawa e Waqt sunday magazine main ab tk jitnay novels publish huay hai un ki list upload kr dain….main aik novel dhoond rayee houn jo shayed 2009 ya 2008 main publish hua tha…but i dont remember the name of novel or the writer…plzz help me…

    15. بھائ وسیم۔ہمنے کتنی ہی بار کہا کے بھائ مہربانی کرکے رفعت ناہید سجاد کے ناول اپ لوڈ کر دیں۔مگر تین ماہ ہو گئےآپنے جواب ہی نہی دیا؟ وجہ آخر کیا ہے؟؟مزید انتظ کرنا ہو گا تو بتائیں تو سہی؟؟مزید یہ کہ ایم سلطانہ فقر کے مزید ناول اپ لوڈ کریں مہر بانی ہوگی۔ بھائ جواب تو دیں نہ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

    16. Do you have readers of English novels ? I have quite big collection or bestsellers. I also format and make ebook (pdf or mobi or epub format) of these. So, if you are interested, I could submit one as a sample.
      Let me know. By the way, I just recently joined to download Suspense digest. The quality is good!! I may be coming up for more digests.
      Thanks & regards.
      Rafat Ali Khan – Karachi.

    17. وسیم بھائ۔۔سلام
      رفعت ناہید سجاد کا یک ہی ناول وہ بھی مختصر ؟؟ اور ایڈ کریں نہ؟؟مہربانی ہوگی۔مزید یہ کہ ایم سلطانہ فقر کا کیا قسور ہے بھلا؟؟ پرانی رائٹرز کو کیوں نہی ڈالتے؟؟ یہ تو لیجنڈ ہیں نہ ؟؟ جواب ضرور دیں ورنہ آپکی تعریف کریں تب جواب ملیگا شاعد ؟؟

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