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We Started Paksociety in 2009, Our objective was to give users a clean and fast site with ultimate speed and quality stuff. During our journey we starts to provide direct downloading links, first ever in Pakistan. We are founder of introducing new trends in books website, We add scribd preview for the first time in a book website, and now almost all websites which you can termed as cop cats are using same technique to show books.
Today we are at No 1 Position in our Pakistan related to books, Because we are not giving spams on our site, We are putting advertisement but in decent manner, We are updating old stuff with new one on regular basis. We can also termed as No Dead Link Site. Beside of this intro our users know about us very much.

As we mentioned on every post that most of the books are scanned by different persons.
If we scanned a book or author provide a book we are just showing our watermark,
if a book is not scanned by us, we are showing in footer name of person who scanned it.
also we try to upload every book in HD quality so we use different techniques to enhance images, purpose is not to remove watermark but to improve visibility of texts.


in start when we was unaware of some facts we placed only our watermark on books, after some time we start mentioning scanner in footers,it is not possible to upload all such books again, so as a whole we mentioned on some of most famous series like imran series that all imran series posted before 2014 was scanned by Waqar Azeem and his team. now if we upload any book of Waqar Azeem we are giving him proper credits.

And we are showing name of our contributors as Hameedi sahib and Iqbal Sahib(Coming Soon). Mr Hameedi scanned more or less 500 books by himself and he is a symbol of quality, we are using his scanned books as he joined our team.

Thanks to hatters, we are dedicated to work because of you 😉
WE ARE BEST Alhamdulillah

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26 thoughts on “About Us

  1. السلام علیکم اللہ آپ کی محنتوں کو قبول فرمائے۔ آپ واقعی قابل قدر کام کر ریے ہیں۔ پاکستان سے باہر ہونے کے باوجود ماہانہ ڈائجسٹ اور کتب بروقت دستیاب اور ڈاون لوڈ بھی آسان۔ خصوصا اسلامی بکس کے سیکشن میں ۔ کیا آپ مولانا مودودی کی تنقیحات اور اسلامی تہذیب اور اس کے اصول و مبادی اپ لوڈ کر سکتے ہےں۔ ہمیں یہاں کینیڈا میں چاہیے لیکن نہیں ملی۔ جزاک اللہ بالخیر

  2. موبائل پرآپ کی ویب سائٹ پر عمران سیریز کے ناول ڈبل پیج آتے ھیں.جسکی وجہ سے پڑھنے میں ڈشواری ھوتی ھے. اسکا کوئ حل نکالیں.شکریہ.

    1. ma,am nimrah jb se main ne ap ki likhe hui book musahaf parhi a muja na jany q dar lgny laga a k agar main b deen main aagay ka socho r deen main barhta jahun tu mujay b kahe aazmaisho ka samna krna pary ga waham barh jayga jin ka soch k main aagay nai barhna chahta pta nai q aisa lgta a k jasay main hun bs yahe teek a ….

  3. I have a lot of good English novels and books and want to share with you for others. like confession of economic hit man and why nations fail if yes kindly give me your email address

  4. I LOVE THIS SITE.Tahir javed mughal sahib k novel bhi upload kar dain agar ho sakay too.

  5. add some more books on islamic topics like 6 kalimas, duain, panj soorahs, tafsir quran of true ulmas .so that the people will revive their islamic values and traditions.,

  6. Hello,
    what is hell about your books with heavy PDF and background , I think you are so hungry for advertisement of you, damn on your content, where we can not read as original book but we feel much boring by seeing watermarks and images in content. Go to hell with your books , how you can claim that you are good in providing books but you are worst man in adding images and watermarks to finish your thrust of advertisement of you , go to hell or upload books as real , I and all my friends who loved this site will leave this to visit for books, we will go any where else

    1. آپکی زبان آپکی زہنیت کو آشکار کر رہی ہے۔ آپ ایڈوب ریڈر استعمال کریں جسکا لنک ہم نے سایٹ پر دیا ہوا ہے اور بار بار پوچھے جانے والے سوالات کا صفحہ بھی مینو میں موجود ہے۔ اس کا جواب وہاں بھی دیا گیا ہے۔ اُمید ہے ایڈوب پی ڈی ایف ریڑر کے استعمال سے افاقہ ہوگا آپ کو۔۔۔۔

      1. Bhai Waseem.
        Zehniat Ki Baat Nhe hy. Ham Apki Site Pe Is Liye Atey Hain k Yahan Achey Achey Novel aur Latest Digest Hain, Lekin Pta Nhe Kiun Ap In Pages Pe Images laga kr inko Bhadda aur Bad Surat Bna Detey Ho, Please in Pages ko Saf Rkha Karain Is sey Pages b Khubsurat Nazar Ayen Gy aur Prhny main B Asani Ho Gi. Lekin In Images aur watermarks ki Waja Sey Prha Nhe Jata. Ap Sey Iltaja Hey K Images aur Watermarks na Lagayen . Please. Main Mafi Chahta Hoon K Ap Merey Pichley Msg Ka Bura Man Gye, Asl Main Apki Saite nhe Ye Hm Sb Readers Ki Site Hy Agr hmko Koi Chez Buri Lagey Ya Samjh na Aye to Hm Admin Sy Sawal Jawab Krny Ka Haq Rkhty Hain. Allah Apko Razi Rakhey. Ameen

          1. Bhai Waseem, Adobe reader download kia hy lekin us main b images aur watermarks nzr a rhey hain, please guide me k kesey page saf prha jaye , watermarks aur images k sath prhny main mza nhe ata

        1. Ap ne phle b coment kia tha tb b apko btaya gya tha k adobe rader use kren. Jo watrmak bht prominent hota he ap k pas ap usko scribd k preview ya hmare online link se mla lia kren aap ko pta lg jae ga k asl watermark dark nai bl k lite e he.

          1. main samjha nhe, dr asl is trha pages boht bhaddey aur bad surat lgty hain, aur kisi page pe image dark honey ki wja sy lfz smjh nhe atey, mujhy smjh nhe k akhir apki aisi bhi kia mjburi hy k ap ye images lgao aur apni site ka name link b likho, ye links to clickable nhe hain…… phir inko lgany sey faida?

          2. Aap pdf ka nam btaen. aur again ap apne pas open hone wale pdf ko scribd k preview se match kren agr watermark same he to btaen. and muje screen shot send kren k watermark ki wja se knse wrds readable nai?
            Jo Digests recently upload kie gae hen un pr watrmark ko kuch dark kia gya he coz wo hmne scan kie hen and tmam websites yhan se e le kr apne pas upload kren gi so we want to grab more visits.

  7. Main apki instruction k mutabiq adobe reader download kia hy, me kisi specific page ki bat nhe kr rha , kuch din pehly main ny aik digest download kia tha jis main kuch words ki smjh nhe a rhi thi. ap doosri web sites ko rokain k wo yahan sey le k upload na krain otherwise copyright act sy un pr FIR drj krw dain, lekin ap sy request hy k watermark aur images pages ki khubsurti ko nuqsan pohnchati hain jiski wja sy boht sey readers is site ko chor rhy hain, merey do dost is wja sy ap sy skht naraz hain, hm yahan sy digest l k prhyty hain phir apas main discuss krty hain.

    1. jo upload hogae hen unka kuch nai kia jaskta next jo upload honge unko watrmark light kr len ge. Thanks

    2. and last dates me jo digest post hue un me se kuch ki writng kuch jgho se readable nai thi but now hm ne standard set kr lia he so next issue nai hoga

      1. Thnks bhai waseem , waiting for next time and please watermark koshish kr k aisi jga lgayen jahan koi lfz na ho ta k lfz asani sey prhy jayen ya, Great Waseem Bhai

        1. contact us thorough FB page and will tell you why we have to put watermark below content.


  8. Hi, You are doing very good job and we can read our digests out of country regularly but since from December 2017 you didn’t upload any digest. I am missing them.

  9. Asslam o alikum.. ma na b ek novel write kia hua ha.. ma b publish krwana chahti hn. So.. kis trha..

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