Imran Series by Zaheer Ahmed

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Zaheer Ahmad is no more with us, May His Soul rest in peace. May Allah grant him highest ranks in Jannah Aameen.
This is dedicated page for Zaheer Ahmad’s Imran Series lovers
Please Note that this is not an official site of Zaheer Ahmad
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  5. Most of the Imran series are scanned by Waqar Azeem and his team

First 35 Imran series has been added, we are completing the links on priority, Imran Series no 20 is still missing and we are not able to find it.

Download links of 1-10 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
1Surkh Qayamat Part 1
2Surkh Qayamat Part 2
3Red Master
4Madaam She Itara
5Mission Saigan
6Power Action + Power of Death + Face to face
7Jasoos Khansaman
9Crystal Bullet
10Operation High Risk
Download links of 11-20 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
11Power of X2 Part 1&2
12Code Clock
13Time Killer
14Aqaarm Part 1&2
15Power Play
16Dewil Mind
17Green Virus
18Agent Li Baag
19Dangerous Juliana
20Ghaddar X2
Download links of 21-30Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
21X2 ki Moat
22Red Stone
23Great Agents
25Syah Chehra
26Action Agent
27One Two Three
28Red Hawk
29Moat Ka Saya
30Great Circle
Download links of 31-35 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
31Wonder Land
33White Cobra + Crysti In Action
34Crime Master
35Golden Crystel
Download links of 36-40 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
37Evil Crime
38Eye Balls
39Mujrim X2
40Challenge Fight
Download links of 41-45 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
41Special Killers
42Top Challenge
45Silver Power
Download links of 46-50 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
46Copper Head
47Gang War
48Jin Zadi
49Black Girl
50Diamond Heart
Download links of 51-55 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
51Action Mission
52Hard Section
53Madaam Cat Part 1 +2
54Dark Night
55Aasebi Dunya

Download links of 56-60 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
56Power Play
57Half Face
58Mujrim Kon
59Dark Agency
60Dark Night

Downloading Issue

If you are facing issues in downloading novels, Its not an error on our part, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) blocks some international websites including Archive. To resolve the issue click here.
Download links of 61-65 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
61Black Jack
62Black Jack ki Wapsi
63Frasco HeadQuarter
64Pakeshia Mission
Download links of 66-70 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
66Victory Game
67White Blood
68Black Shark
69Sea Shark
70Asfali Dunya
Download links of 71-75 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
71Great Plan Part 1&2
72X2 ka Raz
73Great Adventure Part 1&2
74Danger Five
75Jahanum Say Farar
Download links of 76-80 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
76Fast Fight
77Up Down
78Dark Camp
79Black Spark
80Danger Prince
Download links of 81-85 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
81Big Brothers
82Secrete Hands
83Snack Point
84Crime City
85Perfect Crime
Download links of 86-92 Imran series by Zaheer Ahmad

No.Name of Book
86Red Spider
88Black Drops
89Dark King
90Sadaal Plan
91White Pearl
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  • Do not request for too much old book.
  • Do not ask for same question again and again.
  • Respect admins
  • Request will be fulfilled on your number, in peak days or due to busy schedule you might have to wait for months.

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  1. From 36 to onwards cant download any novel. Whenever i hit a novel name it refreshes the page only . Links are not working . Please check

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