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Jasoosi Dunya (The Spy World) is a best-selling series of Urdu spy novels created by Ibne-Safi. The first novel, Dilaer Mujrim was published in March 1952. In the following 27 years, Safi wrote 127 books in the series with his last Jasoosi Dunya novel, Sehra’ee Deewaanah appearing in July 1979, a year before his death.
The series mainly spotlights Inspector (later Colonel) Faridi and Sergeant (later Captain) Hameed, although four initial books were focused purely on Anwar and Rasheeda. Interestingly, the later were introduced as the former two were away on a visit to Europe. Then, Inspector Faridi and his assistant Hameed returns to become permanent feature of Jasoosi Dunya with Anwar and Rasheeda occasionally appearing helping Faridi with his investigations.
A model of rectitude and obsessed with his detective-work, Ahmed Kamal Faridi is a no-nonsense aristocrat who loathes crime and is much resolute in expunging the criminals. He possesses the qualities of a superman.
Sergeant Sajid Hammed is Faridi’s most favoured assistant and trusted partner. There intimacy leads them to live together in Faridi’s house. The two are inseparable. Nonchalant, mischievous and having a spirit doused in romantic bits, Hameed constantly brings smiles to the readers’ faces.
Qasim is another comical and brainless wacky buffoon who yields irresistible occasions of laughter.
The central idea and theme of Safi’s first book was taken from Victor Gunn’s novel Ironside’s Lone Hand. However, the key characters, Faridi and Hameed, were Ibn-e-Safi’s own creation. As mentioned by the author in the preface to one of his books, the plots of Purasrar Ajnabee , Raqqasaa Ka Qat’l , Heeray Ki Kaan , and Khoonee Patthar were adopted from various English-language novels. The characters of Professor Durrani from Khaufnaak Hangaama , and Chimpanzee and the White Queen from Pahaaroan Ki Malikaa were also borrowed from English literature. The rest of Ibne-Safi’s novels are pure and original. Jasoosi Dunya used to be published simultaneously from Pakistan and India.

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Jild No.English List
1 Dilaer Mujrim,Khaufnaak Jungle,Aurat Farosh ka Qatil,Tijori ka Raaz
2 Fareedi aur Leonard ,Pur asraar kunwaan,Khatarnaak Boorha,Masnooyi Naak
3 Pur asrar Ajnabee ,Ahmaqoan ka Chakkar,Paharon Ki Malika
4 Maut ki Aandhi,Heeray ki Kaan,Tijori ka Geet
5 Aatishi Parinda,Khooni Pathar,Bhayanak Jazeera
6Ajeeb Aawaazain,Raqqasa ka Qatl,Neeli Roshni
7 Shahi Naqqarah,Khoon ka Dirya,Qatil Sangraezay
8Pathar ki Cheekh,Khaufnaak Hangaama,Dohra Qatal
9Chaar Shikari,Be guna Mujrim,LashooN ka Aabshaar
Jild No.English List
10MooncHh Moondnay Wali,Geetoan key Dhamaakey,Siyaah Poash Lutaera
11Burf key Bhoot,Purhaul Sannaata,Cheekhtay Dareechay
12Khatarnaak Dushman,Jungle ki Aag,Kuchlee Hui Laash
13Andhaeray ka Shahishah,Pur asrar Wasiyat,Maut ki Chataan
14 Neeli Lakeer,Tareek Saaye,Saazish ka Jaal
15Khooni Bagoolay,Lashoam ka Saudagar,Haulnaak Veeranay,Leonard ki Waapsi
16Pagal Khanay ka Qaidee,Shoaloan ka Naach,GiyaarhwaaN Zeenaa
17Surkh Dairah,Khoonhwaar Larkiyaan,Saaey ki Laash
18Pehla Shoala,Doosra Shoala,Teesra Shoala,Jahannam ka Shoala
19Zehreelay Teer,Paani ka Dhuwaan,Laash ka Qehqahaa,Doctor Dread
20Shaitaan ki Mehbooba,Anoakhay Raqqas,Pur asrar Moojid
21Toofaan ka Aghwaa,Raifal ka Naghmaa,Thandi Aag
22Japaan ka Fitnaa,Dushmanoan ka Shehr
23Laash ka Bulaawa,Guard ka Aghwa,Shadi ka Hangaama
24Zameen key Badal
25Wabaie Haijaan,Oonchaa Shikaar,Aawaarah Shehzaada
26Chandni ka Dhuan,Saenkroan Hamshakl,Laraakoan ki Basti
27Ultee Tasweer,Chamkeela Ghubaar,Anoakhee Rahzani
28Dhuaan Uth Raha Tha,Farhaad 59,Zehreela Aadmi
29Prince Vehshee,Baychara/Baychari,Ishaaroan key Shikaar
30Sitaaroan ki Maut,Sitaroan ki Cheekhaen
Jild No.English List
31Saatwaan jazeerah,Shaitaani Jheel,Sunehree Chingariyan
32Sehmee hui Larki,Qatil ka Haath
33Rulaaney Wali,Tasweer ka Dushman
34Devpaekar Darandaa,Tisdal ki Baedari,Khaufnaak Mansooba
35Tabaahi ka Khwaab,Muhlik Shanasae,Dhuaav Hui deewar
36Khooni Raishay,Teesri Naagan,Regam Baala
37Bhariyay ki Aawaaz,Ajnabi ka Faraar,Raushan Hayoola,Zard Fitna
38Rait ka Devta,Saanpoan ka Maseeha,Thanda Jahannam,Azeem Hamaaqat
39Zehreela Sayaarah,Neelum ki Wapsi
40Mauroosi Havas,Dehshat Gar
41Shikaaree Parchiyan,Parchiyoan key Hamlay,Saayoan ka Takraao,Hamzaad ka Maskan
42Sehraee Deewanah
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  1. Dear,

    This is a wonderful effort for the Jasoosi Novel lovers. Very interesting and attractive.

    Kindly keep it up – but not with Mazhar Kaleem’s novels.

  2. salaam alaikum
    thanks a lot for ibn e safi novels you give me the download it.
    i am very thank full to you.
    m.a.jaleel shaker

  3. If u know any writer like ibn e safi plz tell me the writer’s name and any other book’s name written by ibn e safi

    1. sorry to say but no comparison, Ibne Safi was the one who created the character “Imran” and in his first novel Mazhar Kaleem MA insulted Ibne Safi, shame on him, copying someone work is easy creating a new character like “Imran” is much challenging

  4. As overseas pakistani this website is like a treasure.
    I used to get These novels from library 25-30 years ago.
    But now due to technology and Paksociety I could read all of them online free.
    Thank you Paksociety. Love you.

  5. I am a doctor and have been reading imran series since long. I am very annoyed with bone safi. He wrote just a few books, only 34.he should have done his duty and then died

    1. Ok .. You are a doctor, Right? I dare you not to die before curing each and every patient.

    2. In the period from 1960 to 1963, he suffered an episode of severe depression and spent some time in the psychiatry ward of a hospital, but recovered, and returned with a best-selling Imran Series novel, Dairrh Matwaalay (One and a half amused) which was launched in India by to-be Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. In fact, he wrote 36 novels of ‘Jasoosi Duniya’ and 79 novels of ‘Imran Series’ after his recovery from depression. In the 1970s, he informally advised the Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan on methods of detection.

      Ok .. You are a doctor, Right? I dare you not to die before curing each and every patient.

  6. Many thanks to the admin and all of this site (paksociety.com), you have done a great job, really appreciated. Its not easy to scan and get it on PDF.
    For those who have questions about the limited novels, These are books created from about 125-130 novels, each book has about 3-4 novels in it. Start reading and you will know.

  7. jis trah imran serise main juliya unke sath kam krti hai…..kya usi trah freedi hamid srise main koi ffemale unke sath kam kregi??!!

  8. under title of “Jasoosi Dunya, Jild no. 35”. mark the problem, Jild no. 36 is uploaded here. And under title of Jild no. 36 is also Jild no. 36. so three novels are missing…. Tabahi ka khawab, Mohlik Shanasaee, Dhuan hui deewar
    Kindly rectify

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