Muskra Pakistan

Muskra Pakistan By Ayesha Ahmad

Read Online Muskra Pakistan By Ayesha Ahmad Specially written for Paksociety readers

Ayesha Ahmad is a new writer, Paksociety is proud to Publish her New Novel “Muskra Pakistan” online.
This is story of a girl whose father was a Politician, When the girl grows up, she starts working for the betterment and bright future of Pakistan, during her journey she finds out that his father is also a corrupt Politician, for better future of Pakistan she joined a new party working for the betterment of Pakistan. She started to expose corrupt Politician with the help of other members of her party, what will be the future of this brave Girl? Will she be able to survive in this corrupt society? What will her punishment in the eyes of corrupt Politician of Pakistan? Will they Kill her?? This novel is written with the context of current elections in Pakistan and how election gave shock to big names of politics. We hope that you will find this novel worth reading..Currently it is available for online reading only but download link will be shown after 2 weeks.
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Muskra Pakistan By Ayesha Ahmad
Muskra Pakistan By Ayesha Ahmad
Muskra Pakistan By Ayesha Ahmad
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