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Unicode to Inpage Converter

Why we need this facility even when we can use MS word or New Inpage software which has this option built-in, Yes, we can convert Unicode to Inpage directly using new Inpage software.
Now question arises if this is that simple why publishers are not adopting it? This will end all the fuss and it will be very easy for all to handover any format and publishers publish it with ease, but life is not that simple. is it?

Unicode to Inpage Converter

Publishers are still using Old Inpage developed around 2000 or 2001, main reason of not using new version is because new version does not support monotype keyboard instead it is using phonetic keyboard, All the composers of publishers are expert in monotype keyboard so this is the only reason publishers are using the old Inpage.

Unicode to Inpage Converter

Now the headache and basic problem of most of the user is that they are using mobile phones to type novels and most of them are using either MS word or notes type application using Urdu keyboards available at play store or Appstore.
Others are using laptops and MS word as now working is easier on MS word than on Inpage software.

Is this Unicode to Inpage Converte a new tool?

No, 2 major websites are giving facility to convert Unicode to Inpage from years, I talked with Sir M Bilal from website mbilalm.com providing such facility from years and discussed with him that due to words limit we have to convert a large file again and again to convert a complete file, he agreed to increase the limit and eventually he did, but I was trying to figure out something by which I can convert whole file in one go.

Why a new Unicode to Inpage Converte tool?

Answer is simple, want to facilitate user’s by allowing them to convert a good portion of their novel in one go.So later on I developed the script and implement it on local server to fulfill my needs, Now I decided to share this with outer word so what I try to do is to allow more words for guest user and double than that to registered users.
Guest user can:

  1. Convert 3,000 Unicode words to Inpage words
  2. These are around 6.5 MS word pages if page size is A4, Margin are normal, Space lining is 1 px and font is 16px Jameel Noori Nastaleeq.

Register users can

  1. Convert 6,000 Unicode words to Inpage words
  2. These are around 13 MS word pages if page size is A4, Margin are normal, Space lining is 1 px and font is 16px Jameel Noori Nastaleeq.
  3. We will store their converted files for 1 hour and they can download using their dedicate page within 1 hour.

You are bored with Unicode to Inpage Converte tool detail??

These details may be boring for most of user’s but if a user really know things, he/she will get the idea that how much time it will require to convert their novel/story written in MS word.
This is still a work in progress
Please keep in mind that nothing is perfect in this word and neither is this tool. We will be looking forward for all the problems you will face while using it and we will try to resolve them one by one to make this tool better.

Link to Unicode to Inpage Converte tool

  • We will make this tool better with your help only.
  • Please use it and share your problems
  • Share this tool with others

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