Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem

Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem
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26 May 2018 was the Sad Day for Imran Series Lovers and for the fans of Mazhar Kaleem M.A, The legend had died on 26 May. May His Soul rest in piece. May Allah grant him highest ranks in Jannah Aameen.
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Most of the Imran series are scanned by Waqar Azeem, we are scanning latest Imran series from 2.5 years now.

Imran Series of January 2017 has been uploaded

No.List English
1Maka Zonga
2 Sabolate Aagar
3 ShogiPama
5 Double White
6 Kaya Palat
7 Be Jurm Mujrim
8 Dus Krore Main Do Shetan
9>Blue Eye(Part 1+2)
10Ankana(Part 1+2)
No.List English
11 Weather Boss(Part 1+2)
12Fohag internations
13Haara Kari(Part 1+2)
14Black feather
15Dashing three
17Silver Girl(Part 1+2)
18Basashi (Part 1+2)

Dog Raze
20Ganja Bikhari
21Escap Grey
22Prince Vanchal
23Operation Sandwich + Sandwich Plane
24X-2 (part 1+2)
25Shlmaak + Super operation + Operation Final Cross
26Bagop(Part 1+2)
27Khamosh Chiekhen
28Calender Killer
29Ladies Secret Service
30Blue Film
31Operation Desert One
32Black Prince
33Rascal’s King
34Naqabil E Taskheer Mujrim + Mout Ka Raqs
35Zinda Saye
36Imran Ki Moat
37Rangeen Moat + Danger Gang
38Dehsht Gard + Mutaharik Moat
39 Red Medosa(part 1+2)
40Danger land
41Cross Club
42Fast Action(Part 1+2)
43Kaghzi Qayamat(Part 1+2)
44Prince Of Dhump
45Bloody Syndicate
46Ladies Eagles + Moat Ka Jaal
47Topaz + Yakini Mout
48Anari Mujrim
49Hi Fi
50Ghaddar Julia
51Karwan e Dehshat(Part 1+2)
52Jayalay Jasoos(Part1+2)
53Camp Rackers + Camp Blast
54Wild Tiger
55Pakishia Club
56Adhoora Formula + Moat Ka Daira
57Robbin Hud
58Diamond of Death
59Baankey Mujrim
60Top Rock(Part 1+2)
61Julia Fight Group(Part 1+2)
62Power Land(Part 1+2)
63Jawana In Action(Part 1+2)
64Star Track(Part 1+2)
65Little Devils
66Face Of Death(Part 1+2)+ Black Death(Part 3+4)
67Hot Not(Part 1+2)
68Special Agent Brono
69Red Chief
70Death Circle
71Trunch Fire
72Shooting Power
73Dark Club
74Halqa-e-Moat+Way To Action+Top Target
75Lancer Five(Part 1+2)
76Agent From Power Land
77Road Side Story
78Great Fight
79Zero Blast
80Black Kaalar
81Wonder plan(Part 1+2)
82Death Goup
83Haikal-e-Sulemaani(Part 1+2)
84Lady Sundrta
85Lady Killers
86Saajan Center(Part 1+2)
87Red Power
88PowerLand Ki Tabahi
89Juliana Top Action
90Challange Mission
91Pressure Lock
92One Man Show
93Ladies Mission(Part 1+2)
94Foul Play(Part 1+2)
95Zero over Zero(Part 1+2)
96Super Agent Safdar(Part 1+2)
97Blood Hound
98Easy Mission
99Light House
No.List English
100Secret Service Mission
101Four Corners(Part 1+2)
102Silver Hands
103Adventure Mission
104Golden Sand(Part 1+2)
105Ree Byte(Part 1+2)
107Red Point
108Alert Camp(Part 1+2)
109Tight Plane
110Dashing Agent(Part 1+2)
111Inventory Grip(Part 1+2)
112Black Thunder
113Camp Fight
114Birth Stone
115Wood King
116Top Prize
117Supreme Fighter
119Water power+Great Ball+Great Victory+Black Pagos
120Dogo Fighters
121Secret Heart
122True Man
123Action Group(Part 1+2)
125Well Done
126Special Plane
127Desert Commandos
128Blood Rays(Part 1+2)
129Heli Kaat
131Red Dot
132Logasa Mission
133Last Fight(Part 1+2)
134Flaster Project(Part 1+2)
135Night Fighters
137Hard Mission(Part 1+2)
138Hallow Wall(Part 1+2)
139Saarto Mission(Part 1+2)
140Super Mind Agent(Part 1+2)
142Bright Stone
143Zero Lastery(Part 1+2)
144Texat(Part 1+2)
145Jim Might
146Long Fight(Part 1+2)
147Big Boss(Part 1+2)
148Bogaano(Part 1+2)
149Last Round
150Third Force(Part 1+2)
151Fy Land(Part 1+2)
152Black Agents
153Zero Blaster
154Sendy Zoom
155Bloody Game
156Cross Mission(Part 1+2)
157S S Project(Part 1+2)
158Distruction Plane(Part 1+2)
159Black Hounds(Part 1+2)
160Super Mission
161Spot Film
162Hashraat Ul Arz
163Black Hills(Part 1+2)
164Tataar Degers(Part 1+2)
165Snack Circle(Part 1+2)
166Black Strep(Part 1+2)
167Special Supply
168Hot Field,Hot Spot,Hot Fight
169Saqaab Project(Part 1+2)
170Saan Kaara(Part 1+2)
171Misali Dunya
172Red Ring
173Blind Attack(Part 1+2)
174Open Close(Part 1+2)
175Black World , Black Powers
176Kakana Island(Part 1+2)
177Golden Agent , Golden Agent In Action
178Four Stars(Part 1+2)
179Code Walk(Part 1+2)
181Special Section
182Royal Service(Part 1+2)
183Ladies Island(Part 1+2)
184Double Game(Part 1+2)
185Fink Sydnicate(Part 1+2)
186Fighting Mission(Part 1+2)
187Dog Crime(Part 1+2)
188Dushman Julia
189Zig Zag Mission(Part1+2)
190Sfaak Mujrim
191Red Craft
192Stocks(Part 1+2)
193Death Quick
194Tower Section(Part 1+2)
195Long Bird Complex , Long Bird Sealed Complex
196Blasting Station(Part 1+2)
197Saasic Center(Part 1+2)
198Black Crime(Part 1+2)
199Last upset(Part 1+2)
200Safli Dunya(Part 1+2)
201Prince Kaachan(Part 1+2)
202Rozi Rascal
203Rock Head
204Imran ka Aghwa(Part 1+2)
205Spargo(Part 1+2)
206Diamond Powder(Part 1+2)
207Tafreehi Mission(Part 1+2)
208Treaty(Part 1+2)
209Green Death(Part 1+2)
210Power Agent(Part 1+2)
211Makrooh Mujrim(Part 1+2)
212Dark Mission(Part 1+2)
213Base Camp(Part 1+2)
214Zaheen Agent
215Red Zero Agency
216J S P (Part 1+2)
217Jinaati Dunya
218Death Rays
219Golden Spot(Part 1+2)
220Grass Dam(Part 1+2)
221Black Face(Part 1+2)
222Double Mission(Part 1+2)
223Shedog , Shedog Headquarter
224Red Authority(Part 1+2)
226Dark Eye(Part 1+2)
227Snack Killers
228Shodarman(Part 1+2)
229Sea Eagle(Part 1+2)
No.List English
231Cosmic Star(Part 1+2)
232Red Army + Red Army Network
233Red Flag
234Pearl Pirate
235Markroo Chehray
236Crown Agency
237Fabon Society(Part 1+2)
238Last Movement
239Smart Mission
240Super Master Group
241Thread Ball Mission
242Fort Dam
243Fuogi Task
244Hanging Death
245elago(Part 1+2)
246Black Aero ,Jewish Channel ,Power Squard
247Black Hawk(Part 1+2)
248Electronic Eye
250Special Mission(Part 1+2)
251Black Mask
252C Top
253Water Missile
254Target Mission
255Foreign Group
256Micarto Syndicate
257Karkas Point
258Flower Syndicate
259Taroot(Part 1+2)
260High Victory + Final Fight
261Starg(Part 1+2)
264Sagan Mission+X.V File+ K.G.B HeadQuarter + Red Top
265Tarak(Part 1+2)
266Double Lock
267Torson Agency + Large View Project
268Soft Mission + Hard Re-Back
269Broad System
270Muslim Currency(Part 1+2)
271Cat Rat Game + Suspense Game
273Bright Eye
274Star Mission
275Last Warning
276White Shadow
277S Three
279Black Thender Section(Part 1+2)
281Cotton Seed
282Hot Rays
285Big Challenge(Part 1+2)
286Great Mission(Part 1+2)
287Zero Mission
288Red Circle
289Mind Blaster(Part 1+2)
290Crossing Arrow
291Last Trape
292MahaPursh(Part 1+2)
294Maria Section(Part 1+2)
295Black Fighters
296MushkBaari Code
297Capital Agency
298Prince Shama
299Business Crime
300Mission Sagor
301Glary Sedia
302Blue Code Book(Part 1+2)
303Big Dam
304Sagram Mission
305Dodging Mission
306Top Secret Mission
307Beggars Mafia
308Free Socks
309Chief Agent(Part 1+2)
310Dark Face(Part 1+2)
311Rozi Rascal Mission(Part 1+2)
312Devil Pearl
314Secret Center
315Blind Mission
316Blue Hox
317Tiger In Action
318Saraj Agency+Saraj Headquarter
319Target Imran
320Black Head
321Winning Party
322Blue Bird Group
323Group Fighting
324Black Scarab
325Hard Crime
326Hawk Eye
327Danger Group Chao
328Fast Mission
329One To One
330Kaali Duniya
331Special Station
332Jewish Power
333Multi Mission
334Two in One
335Golden Cross
336Fight Plus
337Hot World (Part 1 & 2)
339Green Guard
340Reverse Circle
341Voilent Crime
342Side Track
343Taghooti Dunya
344Blank Mission
345Golden Colock
347Grand Victory
348Twin Systers
349Action Agency
350Top Mission( Black Thnuder Series)
352Pea Cock
353Kasper Rays
354Aarmis Prohit
355Hard Agency
356White Birds(Part 1)
357White Birds(Part 2)
358Red Sky(Part 1+2)
359Multi Target
360Black Day
361Great Falls
362Karmin Mission
363Black Sun
364Lime Lite
365Sangeen Jurm
366Master Laboratory
368Rock Field
370Shoogran Mission
372Danger Mission
374Top Shoot
375Hard Target (Part 1 & 2)
376Cobran Part 1
377Cobran Part 2
378Marshal Agency (Part 1 & 2)
379Code Box
381Total Zero
382Super Agents
383Top Section
384Water Lite/ Water Light
385D Group
386Black Business
387Black Crown
388Top Head Quarter
389Shetan Kay Pujari
390Supreme Force Part 1
391Supreme Force Part 2
393Double Target Part 1
394Double Target Part 02 (Uploaded)
395Top Victory Part 01
396Top Victory Part 02
397Kalanga Mission
398Double Dodge Part 1
399Double Dodge Part 2
400Dark Heart Part 1
401Dark Heart Part 2
402Sairal Part 1
403Sairal Part 2
404new_bookAskaram Part 1 and Part 2
405new_bookFinal Game Part 1 and Part 2
406new_bookSpecial Force Part 1 and Part 2
407new_bookSpar Gun Part 1 and Part 2
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496 thoughts on “Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem

  1. i think Mazhar Kaleem stop the writing. After Novel 400, its not to mazhar kaleem.
    kyo k na to in jesa andaz ha likhny ka. na hi wo grip. bal k lagta h k pehly kafi sary novels ki diffrent situation new names k sath copy ki gai ha. novels ka suspence b pehly jesa ni. fidht b pehly jesi ni ha. koi sur taal ni ha. mazhar saab ka novel jb banda parhta ha to lagta ha k ic me dob sa gya mgr in novels me koi aisi bat hi ni ri.

    1. Exactly yaar. Last Jo inho ne novel new 4 upload kiee hai. Un me wo novel spargun aur askaram ke last me scene same haiM. Just charcter differ hai.

    2. Sir Mazhar Kaleem MA passed away,,, Allah pak un ko jannat ul ferdoos main alla maqam atta farmay Ameeeen.

  2. A.o.A
    Kya koi bta skta hy k wo mazhar kaleem sahb ka knsa novel hy jis mai x.2 ko hatta dia jata hy.
    Or safdar ko secter services ka chief bna dia jata hy.

  3. A.o.A
    Kya koi bta skta hy k wo mazhar kaleem sahb ka knsa novel hy jis mai x.2 ko hatta dia jata hy.
    Or safdar ko secter services ka chief bna dia jata hy.
    Ye sb drama imran stage krta hy or novel k end pr pta lgta hy sb ko.
    Mai ny 4th standard mai parha tha.
    Dobara parhna chahti hn.


      1. Asalamo alaikum to all

      2. Mr.Mazhar Kaleem died on 21May 2018

        Mr.Mazhar Kaleem’s funeral prayers will be offered today at 1.30pm at the Multan’s Abdali Mosque.

  5. Today 26-05-2018 MULTAN: Famed Urdu spy-fiction novelist Mazhar Kaleem passed away on Saturday after a prolonged illness, sources said.

  6. Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe raajeoon
    Meray city-mate bhi thay aur un se kuch mulaqaten bhi raheen lekin un ka aik silsila aisa bhi tha jis kay baray mein 99% doston ko ilm nahi kyon kay yahan Multan ka sham aik akhbar ..naam shayad Nawa-e-Multan mein woh weekly aik column likhtay thay jis ka unwan tha “Zinda Auliya Allah ki Talash” .. ye un ki zaati dilchaspi ka silsila tha is liye is ki ziyada tash-heer bhi na ki unhoon nay aur phir evening newspapers ki ziyada readership bhi nahi hoti.. lekin woh in cheezon se bayniaz ho kar Multan kay qareebon shehron aur khas taur par mazaafaati ilaqon mein ghoomtay aur logon se bazurgan e deen ka daryaft kartay aur kuch mehdood doston kay sath un kay haan jaatay aur phir aik safarnama type mazmoon likh kar akhbar mein day detay.. ye silsila kai mahinay chala ..shayad 1982 kay qareeb ki baat thi ye.. socha aap doston se share kar doon.. sath hi un kay liye iltemas e fateha aur 3 baar Surat Ikhlaas aur Darood e Ibraheemi agar aap munasib samjhain to.. Allah un kay sath maghfirat o rehmat ka bartao karay.. Aameen
    Regards: Dr. Hassan Bukhari Multan

    1. Dear and Respected Dr. Hassan Bukhari,

      Many many thanks for sharing this piece of information about great legendary writer Sir Mazhar Kaleem (marhoom). May ALLAH SWT Grant highest ranks in Jannah to departed soul of sir mazhar kaleem, ameen.

      How can we read these columns written by Sir Mazhar Kaleem titled “Zinda Auliya Allah ki Talash”?

      Kindly it is my humble request to guide about this. It will be your great act of kindness. Once again please accept this humble request. May ALLAH SWT keep you safe, sound and blessed.


      Kind regards

      Kashif Ameer, Ph.D.

    2. Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe raajeoon

      Allah un kay sath maghfirat o rehmat ka bartao karay.. Aameen

      How can we find the columnds “Zinda Auliya Allah ki Talash” by Marhoom Sir Mazhar Kaleem written for Nawa-e-Multan .

      Kindly guide about this sir. It will be great act of kindness from your side.

      Its humble request. Looking forward to hear from you dear sir.

      Kind regards

      Kashif Ameer, Ph.D.

  7. Inna lilahi waina ilehi rajioon..
    Aj ka din hmary liy bht hi afsosnak hy kyon ky aj hmary bht hi azez qalmi ustad ka intqal ho gya..ab hm shyd hmesha hi un ki likhi hoi kitabon ko prhny ky ly trsen gy.Allah un ko jnt nseeb kry.

  8. Dear Readers! it is heartfelt to announce that Mr Mazhar Kaleem has died today and his funeral took place at multan, may Allah rest the departed soul in peace, Aamin

  9. Inna lilahi waina ilehi rajioon..
    Aj ka din hmary liy bht hi afsosnak hy kyon ky aj hmary bht hi azez qalmi ustad ka intqal ho gya..ab hm shyd hmesha hi un ki likhi hoi kitabon ko prhny ky ly trsen gy.Allah un ko jnt nseeb kry.

  10. Inna lilahi waina ilehi rajioon bohat afsoos huwa ab ali imran julia tiger black zero sub kaha nazer ayee gay.zindagi ka aik bohat bara killa shayad kabi pur na ho.we all love you sir

  11. Inna Lillah wa Inna alaih rajaoon.. his books gave many millions of youngsters a vision and character… Many like me used to wait every month for his new book more anxiously than anything else in the whole world… And getting the book on rent and finishing it within a day or max 2… What a great time he gave us. May Allah SWT bless him janatulfirdus.. Amen.

  12. Inn’a Lillah e Wa Inn’a Elaih e Ra’Je’ooN

    May Almighty Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah. He will be remembered for his contributions towards Urdu Literature in the genre of Action/Thriller/Suspense. The space after his demise can never be filled.

  13. Inna lilah e wa inna iliahe rajeoon
    To Allah Almighty we belong and to whom we shall return. May Allah Almighty shower his countless blessings upon him. A great “writer” and I would say “reformer” indeed who worked to shape up the innocent minds and fill them with sense of morality and struggle in life and like wise kept apprising us with the challenges around us in shape of his writings.

  14. Allah onhain jannt main jaga day, ameen
    Bohat achay writer or wakeel honay k sath sath achay insan b thay, Allah on k ghar walon ko sabar e jameel ata karay,

  15. so that’s the end of the Imran series long era. Allah mazhar kalim sahib ko Jannat tul firdous main jaga ata farmaye.


  16. Ae Allah hamen aik ar mazhar kaleem atta farma ar Mazhar sir ko jannat ul firdous main jahga atta farma unhn ne qalam se bht bra jihad kya ha

  17. Assalamoalekum to all,

    Inna lilah wa inna eleah e rajeoon

    Allah marhoom kee magfirat kere aur inhe Qabar kee sakhtion se door rekhe.

    Kia app main se koi yeh bata sekta hai k Mazhar Kaleem sahab ne Zero Land per koi novel likha hai?

  18. allah pak inhy janat ul firdus me aala maqam ata farmain ameen. inky noval phar k imaan taza ho jata hy sir sulte you.

  19. Aslam o Alaikum,,, men 20 saal sy ye noval read kr raha hn,,, or aik aik noval kai kai dafa read kr chuka hn,,, per mjy sir mazhar kaleem k wo noval chaeye jo bilkul start men ay,,, jahan sy x2 ki team bni hy,,, or member add huy hen,,, example,,, tiger ki entry kaisy hue ,,,, isi trh baki team b,,, koi bhai mjy un noval k naam bta dy ya koi link,,,please,,,
    Waslam,,,, imran BA D.O.E…. HAVELIAN (ABBOTTABAD)

  20. imran series ke asal khaliq ibn e safi hain imran aur uski team ko unhon ne takhleeq kiya
    mazhar kaleem sahb ne jo character shamil kiye un main juwana,tiger,capt.shakeel,saliha hain
    isliye agar aap parhna chahte hain ke imran aur uski team kaise bani tou aapko imran series by ibn e safi parhni hogi jo ke rspk per mukammal available he

  21. kya koi mujhe bata sakta hai ke wo konsa novel hai jis me imran aur capt fayyaz godfather aur mafia ke khilaf mission karte hain

  22. Ali imran Msc DSC axan has been orphan after mazhar kaleem MA death . And last novel written by any other write who copies mazhar kaleem old novels as royal service .croos misson .silver hands and super mission .black agents.laser five .new novel written by I think zaheer Ahmed .but title name was mazhar kaleem MA. Now mazhar kaleem MA has been died .we should pray for him .and if any one does copy of mazahar kaleem novels in different names .we should boykat him . Faraz Ahmed MA international relations Karachi

  23. Koi bata sakta hy ke ibne safi ki wo kon kon sy novel hy jin my secret service banny or team banany ka tafseeli zikr ho?..Plz reply

    1. Black Thunder ka headquarter tabaah nahi hua. Na he iska koi clue mila ksi novel may. Mazhar Kaleem sir ki wafat k sath he ye mystery b na mukammal reh gai… Without a doubt black thunder series kamal creation thee unki

  24. Kia Koi bhai bta sakta aise novel ka naam jis main secret service ke kisi member ko x2 ki traf se koi saza mili hon…

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