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Fill this Form if you want to become member and want to share links on Paksociety. Join other members who are already sharing stuff on Paksociety.



Kindly Do not fill form if you are not going to share any document with us

Here are terms and condition Plus rules

  • Selected Members will be able to share their scanned documents.
  • Members have no access to write posts.
  • Members will send books which is scanned by them, Our team will check the quality, If your book mees our criteria we will share book with general public.
  • If your shared stuff got any copy-right claim we will never share stuff on our website next time.
  • We will display your name in contributors section of post if you want to add it.
  • If you send us something already available over internet we will not add you to contributors section of post. Credit will be of original up loader/Scanner
  • If we know or person sharing stuff wants we are and we will add your name as scanned by in footers of pdf book.
  • If you are writer you can share your stories by sending us PDF file.
  • You have to confirm your phone no so add your details only if you can confirm it.

Sponsered Links

We are not going to host any copyrighted content, We are co operating with respective copy right owners and we are already not sharing some copyright content for which we are contacted by respective authorities.


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